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This script will attempt to convert a script written in AHK v1 to the correct syntax so that it works in AHK v2.
It is useful to quickly convert some of the bigger syntax changes. Afterwards you can investigate the converted version for other minor changes that the converter didn't cover.

I took Frankie's original converter linked below, and updated it to work with the latest AHK v2 alpha build.
I've also added essential unit tests using the Yunit framework to encourage contributions from others.

However, this project is way more ambitious that I originally thought, and it needs a lot of work. See below for how you can contribute.


Usage 1

  1. Download the full repo. Then run the included QuickConvertorV2.ahk file with AHK V2
  2. Select a string in another program and press XButton1 to convert it, or paste it in the first Edit and press the convert button (Green arrow).
  3. When the cursor is on a function in the edit field, press F1 to search the function in the documentation.
  4. You can run and close the V1 and V2 code with the play buttons.
  5. There are also compare buttons to see better the difference between the scripts.
  6. When working on ConvertFuncs.ahk, please set TestMode on in the Gui Menu Settings, in this mode, all the confirmed tests will be checked if the result stays the same. In this mode you can also save tests easily. screenshot

Usage 2 (alternative)

  1. Download the full repo. Then run the included v2converter.ahk script with AHK v2
  2. Choose your input scriptfile.ahk written for AHK v1.
    The converted script will be named scriptfile_newV2.ahk in the same directory Use v2converter.ahk -h in cmd to use the CLI You can modify parts of how the script behave from editing variables inside the script
  3. Look over the Visual Diff to manually inspect the changes screenshot


The AutoHotKey Exe\AutoHotKeyV2.exe file (as well as the tests\Tests.exe file) is simply a renamed copy of the AutoHotkey32.exe (v2.0.11) interpreter file. The interpreter alone does nothing without passing a script to it. But here, we take advantage of the default scriptfile feature where the Tests.exe file will look for a file named Tests.ahk and automatically run it. You can make changes to the .ahk file and then just run the .exe. The reason for doing this is because most people will still have AHK v1 installed and associated with *.ahk files. So it would be inconvenient to run this converter without some workarounds. Likewise, the diff\VisualDiff.exe file (as well as the AutoHotKey Exe\AutoHotKeyV1.exe file) is just a renamed AutoHotkeyU32-v1.1.24.02.exe

Known Issues

The converter is not complete. That is, it does not detect all things that need to be changed to make sure the script works in v2. However, for the things that it DOES change, everything should hopefully work, except for the following. Here are the instances that are known to fail:

  1. There is a little known feature where commas don't need to be escaped if they are in the last parameter of a command. This converter can detect those, except when the command is an IfCommand. This is because the converter needs to check for a same-line action, such as in IfEqual, var, value, Sleep, 500. The unit tests for those unescaped commas are commented out.
  2. Converting Gui is becoming better, the only big issue is the handling of the g-labels, the methods are completely different.


There is a lot of work to do and many commands and functions that still need to be changed. There are also many edge cases when trying to parse script code and convert it. Of course, whenever making changes to the code, you should be constantly running the unit tests to confirm that things are still working. First run QuickConvertorV2.ahk with Settings -> Testmode on, make sure no tests fail. Then run the tests\Tests.exe file and pray for green.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Use it to convert your v1 scripts
    When you find errors or mistakes in the conversion, open an issue here on github
  • Write tests
    You don't even need to write implementation code. Simply write some tests. There are existing commands that the original converter supported that have not been tested with my changes, such as StringTrimRight. Follow the existing format in the tests\Tests.ahk file.
  • Fix/add existing failing tests
    In the folder Failed conversions we put the tests that are currenly failing as a ah1 file. The correct conversion is the ah2 file.
  • Work on any existing issues
  • Refactor the code
    The code isn't in very good condition. And you can lean on the unit testing suite as you try to make it better.
  • Add support for other changes. You can find the definitive list here: v2-changes
    This would include adding support for new commands or other syntax changes. Follow the example in this commit.

And of course, create a Pull Request with your changed code


  • Frankie who created the original v2 converter
  • Uberi for his updates to the original
  • Mergely for the javascript diff library
  • Aurelain's Exo for the interface to run the javascript in an AHK gui
  • Mmikeww and AHK_User updated the script to start working in V2-Beta
  • AHK_User (=dmtr99) Updated the code to be able to convert to the V2-Beta syntax and is currently working on it
  • I'm sure many others