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(ns doroty
(:use [clarsec]
(declare instantiation invocation literal)
(declare xpath)
(def expression
(delay (either instantiation invocation literal)))
(def stringLit
(>>== stringLiteral make-string-lit))
(def number
(>>== natural make-number-lit))
(def reference
(>>== identifier make-reference))
(def structureDef
(let-bind [label identifier
_ (symb "=")
val expression]
(result (make-struct-def label val))))
(def structure
(brackets (sepBy structureDef comma)))
(def literal
(either structure number stringLit reference))
(def argList
(delay (sepBy expression comma)))
(def instantiation
(let-bind [_ (symb "new")
set identifier
args (parens argList)]
(result (make-instantiation set args))))
(def invocation
(let-bind [target identifier
_ (string ".")
method identifier
args (parens argList)]
(result (make-call target method args))))
(defn decl [typ]
(let-bind [name identifier
_ (symb "=")
e expression]
(result (make-decl-init typ name e))))
(defn assign [name]
(let-bind [_ (symb "=")
e expression]
(result (make-assign name e))))
(def predecl
(let-bind [name identifier]
(either (decl name) (assign name))))
(def tagname (either (symb ".")
(let-bind [attr (option "" (string "@"))
name (either identifier (symb "*"))]
(result (str attr name)))))
(def binaryPredicate
(let-bind [xp xpath
op (symb "=")
expr (either (>>== expression make-xpath-expression) xpath)]
(result (make-binary-predicate op xp expr)))))
(def predicate (delay (either binaryPredicate (>>== xpath make-simple-predicate))))
(def tagexp
(let-bind [axis (optional (followedBy identifier (symb "::")))
tag tagname
pred (optional (brackets predicate))]
(result (make-tagexp axis tag pred)))))
(def xpath
(>>== (sepBy tagexp (symb "/"))
(def fieldList
(sepBy identifier comma))
(def select
(let-bind [_ (symb "select")
fields (option [] (parens fieldList))
xp xpath]
(result (make-select fields xp))))
(def statement
(either predecl select expression))
(def body
(followedBy (sepBy1 statement semi) (optional semi)))
(def source
(followedBy body (lexeme eof)))
(defn -main []
(println (parse source "1")))
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