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(ns eu.dnetlib.clojure.clarsec
(:use [eu.dnetlib.clojure.monad]))
(defn consumed? [x]
(= (x :type) :consumed))
(defn failed? [x]
(= (x :type) :failed))
(defn failed []
{:type :failed})
(defn consumed [value rest]
{:type :consumed
:value value
:rest rest})
(defn failback [v f] (if (nil? v) f v))
(declare Parser)
(derive 'clarsec/Parser 'de.kotka.monad/Monad)
(defmethod return 'Parser
[t x]
(make-monad t (fn p-return [strn] (consumed x strn))))
(defmethod bind 'Parser
[dm dfunc]
(let [m (force dm)
func (force dfunc)]
(make-monad (monad-type m)
(fn [strn]
(let [parser (monad m)
result (parser strn)]
(if (consumed? result)
((force (monad (force (func (:value result))))) (:rest result))
(defn result [v]
(return 'Parser v))
(defn <|> [& parsers]
(make-monad 'Parser
(fn opt-plus [strn]
(first (drop-while failed? (map #((monad (force %)) strn) parsers)))
(defn >> [p1 p2]
(bind p1 (fn [_] p2)))
(def either <|>)
;; Bind with a non monadic function
(defn >>== [p f]
(bind p #(result (f %))))
(def any-token
(make-monad 'Parser
(fn p-any-token [strn]
(if (= "" strn)
(consumed (first strn)
(. strn (substring 1)))))))
(def eof
(make-monad 'Parser
(fn p-eof [strn]
(if (= "" strn)
(consumed "" "")
(def fail (make-monad 'Parser (fn p-fail [strn] (failed))))
(defn satisfy [pred]
(let-bind [c any-token]
(if (pred c) (result c) fail)))
(defn is-char [c]
(satisfy (partial = c)))
(defn not-char [c]
(satisfy #(not (= c %))))
(defn optional [p]
(<|> p (result nil)))
(defn option [default p]
(<|> p (result default)))
(defn string [strn]
(>>== (m-sequence (map is-char strn))
#(apply str %)))
(def many1)
(defn many [parser]
(>>== (optional (many1 parser))
#(if (nil? %) () %)))
(defn many1 [parser]
(let-bind [a parser
as (many parser)]
(result (concat [a] as))))
(defn end-by-m [f p sep]
(f (let-bind [r p
_ sep]
(result r))))
(defn end-by [p sep]
(end-by-m many p sep))
(defn end-by-1 [p sep]
(end-by-m many1 p sep))
(defn sep-by-1 [p sep]
(let-bind [x p
xs (many (>> sep p))]
(result (cons x xs))))
(defn sep-by [p sep]
(either (sep-by-1 p sep) (result ())))
(defn followed-by [p sep]
(let-bind [r p
_ sep]
(result r)))
(def letter
(satisfy #(. Character isLetter %)))
(def digit
(satisfy #(. Character isDigit %)))
(defn one-of [target-strn]
(let [str-chars (into #{} target-strn)]
(satisfy #(contains? str-chars %))))
(def space (one-of " \r\n\t"))
(def spaces (many space))
(defn lexeme [p]
(>> spaces p))
(defn symb [name]
(lexeme (string name)))
(def semi (symb ";"))
(def comma (symb ","))
;; Convert the result of a parse to a string, if it's a list then concatenates the list...
(defn stringify [p]
(bind p #(result (if (seq? %) (apply str %) (str %)))))
(def base-identifier
(let-bind [c letter
cs (many (either letter digit))]
(result (apply str (cons c cs)))))
(def identifier
(lexeme base-identifier))
(def natural
(lexeme (>>== (stringify (many1 digit))
#(new Integer %))))
(defn between [open close p]
(let-bind [_ open
x p
_ close]
(result x)))
(defn parens [p]
(between (symb "(") (symb ")") p))
(defn brackets [p]
(between (symb "[") (symb "]") p))
(defn braces [p]
(between (symb "{") (symb "}") p))
(def stringLiteral
(stringify (lexeme (between (is-char \") (is-char \") (many (not-char \"))))))
(defn parse [parser input]
((monad (force parser)) input))
;;(defn -main []
;; (println (parse (>> (delay letter) (delay letter)) "ca.")))
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