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1 parent d123c1b commit 40762c2923e160db4739aff0a9cfca8a5c2a73f2 @mmikulicic committed Mar 29, 2010
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  1. +34 −10 src/haml_macro/core.clj
@@ -1,34 +1,58 @@
(ns haml-macro.core
(:use [eu.dnetlib.clojure clarsec monad]))
+(declare tag)
+(defn not-nil? [p] (not (nil? p)))
(def newlinep (one-of "\n"))
+(def sspace (one-of " "))
(defn prefixed [ch p]
(>> (is-char ch) p))
+(defn repeated [n p]
+ (if (<= n 0)
+ (result [])
+ (m-sequence (repeat n p))))
+(defn indented [level p] (let-bind [_ newlinep
+ _ (repeated level sspace)]
+ p))
(def anyChar (not-char \newline))
+(def text (>>== (many anyChar) #(vector :text (apply str %))))
+(defn statement [l] (delay (either (tag l) text)))
(def tagPrefix (one-of "%#."))
(def tagChar (either letter digit (one-of "-_") tagPrefix))
(def tagName (let-bind [prefix tagPrefix
rest (many1 tagChar)]
- (let [autoTag (if (not= \% prefix) "%div")]
- (result (keyword (apply str autoTag prefix rest))))))
+ (let [autoTag (if (not= \% prefix) "div")]
+ (result (keyword (apply str autoTag (if (not= \% prefix) prefix) rest))))))
-(def tag (let-bind [t tagName
- b (optional (>> space text))]
- (result [:tag t (second b)])))
+(defn make-compojure-tag [t inline body]
+ (apply vector (filter not-nil? (apply vector t (second inline) body))))
-(def text (>>== (many anyChar) #(vector :text (apply str %))))
+(defn tag [l]
+ (let [nl (+ 2 l)]
+ (let-bind [t tagName
+ inline (optional (>> sspace text))
+ body (optional (many1 (indented nl (tag nl))))]
+ (result (make-compojure-tag t inline body)))))
-(def statement (either tag text))
-(def statements (followedBy (sepBy1 statement newlinep) (optional newlinep)))
+(defn statements [l] (followedBy (sepBy1 (statement l) newlinep) (optional newlinep)))
-(def body statements)
+(def body (statements 0))
(def source
(followedBy body (lexeme eof)))
-(defn haml [strn]
+(defn haml-str [strn]
(:value (parse source strn)))
+(defn haml-file [file]
+ (haml-str (slurp file)))

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