The wonderful world of Automated Devices: Devices that only work when they see your face.
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The-wonderful-world-of-Automated-Devices: Devices that only work when they see your face.

This project is a body of an ongoing work that explores the need to design human roles into robotics. I have been doing this by exploring what the relationship between artificially intelligent robots and humans are when they are working with each other. Additionally what role does artificial intelligence play in this relationship, and how can we as designers design the experience for both the user and the algorithm.

This body of work has been guided by an earlier peice that I had done called Intermediary Transcendence Proxy (bellow) which has inspired me to make, prototype, and physicalize devices from the peice.


With this bod of work I wanted to explore what automated devices, simplified robots, with machine vision would be like to work with. The project was explore through several stages:

  1. Exploring what an everyday device would be like if it had a robot built into it.

  2. What would could the device do if it was utilizing artificial intelligence.

  3. How would the experience of everyday life be different if most things we interacted with had artificially intelligent automated devices integrated in them.

  4. How would the roll of the human change in the task at hand if an artificially intelligent automated device was being used. And how should the experience be designed for both the user and the device in this interaction.

Within this repository is pages documenting these stages and the code and references used to build these devices.