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Setup & Sample config files for aprx 2-way digipeater igate

These are my setup scripts and sample config files for using aprx and soundmodem to run a 2-way digipeater + iGate on Raspberry Pi with USB soundcard.

To get started, download this repository and you need to run two of the scripts:

  1. This will install the dependencies, compile the software, and install the software to the required locations on your system.
  2. This will guide you thru building the config files which should work for most configurations. There is a very low possibility that you would be on a conflicting network with an IP address range in which case you will need to manually change those addresses in /etc/ax25/soundmodem.conf after setup.

Here's some background on how I built this and what the scripts will help you automate if you want to do it manually:

I have started from this guide and tweaked the config to meet my own needs/desires.

The soundmodem application should be in the repositories, simply "apt-get install soundmodem" if you don't already have it.

The aprx application is a free download, build/install via makefile.

Then you need to tweak the config files to insert your own callsign and APRS-IS key in place of mine. Files are in these locations: /etc/ax25/soundmodem.conf /etc/aprx.conf

Then you'll need to set up startup scripts to load the soundmodem and aprx program on bootup.

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