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Bursting With Colour: Global Game Jam 2014
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Bursting with Colour

A cooperative 2D platformer where players swap colours of blocks to climb as high as they possibly can. Built in two days, this is our submission to the 2014 Global Game Jam. For more information, including downloadable builds for Mac and PC, visit our submission page.

Bursting with Colour Screenshot

The game was built in two days using Unity 4.3. We used Unity's new 2D system for physics and sprites. The level is randomly generated. As you may expect from a game jam submission, the code is messy in parts, but it should be mostly readable.


The game is played with two Xbox 360 controllers. On Windows this should work seamlessly, while on Mac you must first install a driver. The left joystick controls moving and jumping. The four coloured buttons (A, B, X, Y) switch the colours of blocks in the level.


  • Brad Keys
  • Matthew Miner
  • Brent Mitchell