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It's difficult to retrieve logs and warnings from Unity outside the editor. To make it easier, this console displays output from Debug in the game itself. This is especially useful on mobile devices.

Console in Unity game


Copy Script

The Console component is entirely self-contained in Console.cs, so installation is as simple as dragging this script into your project.

Unity Package Manager

Alternatively, add the package to your project via UPM using the Git URL You can also clone the repository and point UPM to your local copy.

Adding package to UPM


Attach the Console component to a game object. When playing your game, open the console window with the back quote key `. This shortcut is configurable in the inspector.

Alternatively, enable shake-to-open in the inspector to open the console on mobile devices. The component provides an option to prevent accidental shakes by requiring 3 or more fingers on the screen.

Several other settings like font size and the maximum log count are also configurable in the inspector.

Console component inspector


Supports Unity 2017.x and above. It hasn't been tested on all the platforms that Unity supports but it probably works on most.