@mmistakes mmistakes released this Apr 15, 2016 · 1323 commits to master since this release

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This is a huge update. Be sure to read the new set of docs for all the details on how to install fresh or upgrade from an older version of Minimal Mistakes.


  • Rebuilt the entire theme: layouts, includes, stylesheets, scripts, you name it.
  • Refreshed the look and feel while staying true to the original design of the theme (author sidebar/main content).
  • Replaced grid system with Susy.
  • Replaced Grunt tasks with npm scripts.
  • Removed Google Fonts and replaced with system fonts to improve performance (they can be added back if desired)
  • Greatly improved theme documentation.
  • Increased the amount of sample posts, sample pages, and sample collections to throughly test the theme and edge-cases.
  • Moved all sample content and assets out of master to keep it as clean as possible for forking.
  • Added new layouts for splash pages, archives for jekyll-archives if enabled, and compress.html to improve performance.
  • Added taxonomy links to posts (tags and categories).
  • Added optional "reading time" meta data.
  • Improved Liquid used for Twitter Cards and Open Graph data in <head>.
  • Improved gallery include helper and added feature_row for use with splash page layout.
  • Added Keybase.io, author web URI, and Bitbucket optional links to sidebar.
  • Add feed.xml link to footer.
  • Added a UI text data file to easily change all text found in the theme.
  • Added LinkedIn to optional social share buttons.
  • Added Facebook, Google+, and custom commenting options in addition to Disqus.
  • Added optional breadcrumb links.