@mmistakes mmistakes released this Nov 2, 2016 · 947 commits to master since this release

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🎉 Minimal Mistakes now comes packaged as a gem for those of you self hosting and using Jekyll 3.3.0. If you're hosting with GitHub the old "fork" method is your only option until 3rd party gem themes are white-listed by GitHub.

v4 Breaking Change: Paths for image headers, overlays, teasers, galleries, and feature rows have changed and now require a full path. Instead of just image: filename.jpg you'll need to use the full path eg: image: /assets/images/filename.jpg. The preferred location is now /assets/images/ but can be placed elsewhere or external hosted. This all applies for image references in _config.yml and author.yml as well.


  • "Gemify" theme ~> gem "minimal-mistakes-jekyll"
  • Replace base_path include with absolute_url filter where possible.
  • Allow images to be placed in other folders. Remove /images/ only restriction and encourage placement in /assets/images/ instead.
  • Add home layout
  • Added missing Turkish translations for UI text. [#621]
  • Make author avatar optional in sidebar.
  • Update /_includes/seo.html for meta description. [#558]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix navigation bar animation "flicker" in Safari [#568]
  • Fix author.avatar paths for externally hosted images.


  • Add documentation around gem "minimal-mistakes-jekyll" installation and use.
  • Add breaking change note about using full image paths for eg. assets/images/filename.jpg.
  • Add "Overriding Theme Defaults" page to documentation.