@mmistakes mmistakes released this Jun 22, 2018 · 116 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Add Hungarian localized UI text strings. [#1682]
  • DRY tags_max calculation in tags.html layout. [#1696]
  • DRY categories_max calculation in categories.html layout.
  • Add support for "sticking" table of contents to top of page via toc_sticky: true YAML Front Matter.
  • Add support for captioning images in feature row helper via image_caption YAML Front Matter. [#1440]
  • Add Google Custom Search Engine support. [#1652]
  • Update Font Awesome to version [5.1.13]
  • Add "Pets" sample archive page to documentation site. [#1664]
  • Add GitLab social icon brand color. [#1653]
  • Prevent line breaks between FontAwesome icon and text in footer social links. [#1659]

Bug Fixes

  • Set default title_separator. [#1701]
  • Fix naver_site_verification typo in /_includes/seo.html. [#1687]
  • Fix table of contents missing borders. [#1675]
  • Fix link to "Recipes" sample archive on documentation site. [#1664]
  • Update example Reddit social share interpolation syntax in documentation. [#1656]
  • Fix "Back to Top" links on pages that use header overlays.