@mmistakes mmistakes released this Aug 18, 2017 · 598 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Add Greek and Danish localized UI text strings. [#1159]
  • Remove blank YAML Front Matter from JavaScript banner. [#1158]
  • Improve page and archive layouts to visually center main content and harmonize sidebar widths and placement. [#1166]
  • Increase font-size of code blocks.
  • Reduce indent of nested "table of contents" links.
  • Extend archive grid view to the right to better fill the page.
  • URL encode title and page URL in social share links. [#1177]
  • Replace old Disqus script with new Universal Embed Code. [#1179]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix positioning of sidebar table of contents when using layout: splash. [#1169]
  • Fix "follow" links z-index order to avoid overlapping issues. [#1167]


  • Fix typo words_per_minute typo in documentation. [#1164]
  • Remove outside and right borders in tables.
  • Adjust width of .sidebar to match .sidebar__right.
  • Add sample documents to "portfolio" collection for testing grid view.
  • Fix typo in stylesheets documentation. [#1170]
  • Add note about setting Discourse server as a scheme-less URL (eg. meta.discourse.com and not http://meta.discourse.com) in _config.yml. [#1182]