@mmistakes mmistakes released this Jan 5, 2018 · 316 commits to master since this release

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  • Add show_overlay_excerpt for disabling overlay image excerpt text. [#1436]
  • Update remote theme installation instructions in Quick Start Guide. [#1439]
  • Reduce visual weight of code blocks.
  • Add Lunr.js Greek stemmer. [#1445]
  • Update Font Awesome 5 SVG with JavaScript version. [#1446]
    • Note: if Font Awesome icons were used in the content of posts/pages or custom table of contents, find and replace any icons that have different names between version 4 and 5. Make sure to read the complete list on Font Awesome's site.
  • Reduce size of Lunr.js search JSON data and introduce site.search_full_content flag for limiting size of JSON file. [#1449]
  • Improve syntax highlighting styles. [#1450]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix code block extra white-space when using Jekyll's highlight tag with linenos. [#1437]
  • Round top-right corner of code block icon.
  • Remove Lunr.js trimmer and bring back colons. [#1445]
  • Fix sticky .sidebar that overlaps main content when resizing viewport. [#1447]