A Jekyll starter with a variety of flexible layouts and components.
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Skinny Bones Jekyll Starter

Just a little something I'm using to jump start a site refresh. I like to think of it as a starter for building your own Jekyll site. I purposely keep the styling minimal and bare to make it easier to add your own flare and markup.

I'm currently using a variation of it on my personal website Made Mistakes with some modifications. To learn more about how to use the theme and install it check out the Skinny Bones demo (work in progress).

screenshot of Skinny Bones

Notable Features

  • Jekyll 3.x and GitHub Pages compatible.
  • Stylesheet built using Sass.
  • Data files for easier customization of the site navigation/footer and for supporting multiple authors.
  • Optional Disqus comments, table of contents, social sharing links, and Google AdSense ads.
  • And more.