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This small repository is a template intended to facilitate the set-up of a brand new ORR instance.

Only requirements on your target machine are Docker Engine and Docker Compose. If your target machine is MacOS or Windows, you only need to have Docker Engine installed as it includes Docker Compose.

With this template you can focus on the needed configuration and let Docker take care of pulling the service images and launching your ORR instance.

The more detailed install documentation is available at https://mmisw.org/orrdoc/install/. In a nutshell, the steps are:

Get the template

Download the latest template version from https://github.com/mmisw/orr-instance-template/releases, expand the tarball or zip file on your target machine and cd to the home directory there.

Or, if you have a Git client:

  git clone https://github.com/mmisw/orr-instance-template.git myORR
  cd myORR
  rm -rf .git

Environment variables

setenv.sh can be used to define a number of environment variables that are used in later steps:

  • Edit setenv.sh to review and adjust the variables as needed.
  • On the command line, "source" setenv.sh to expose the variables to the environment: $ source setenv.sh


  • Edit config/orront.conf, which is the master configuration for your ORR instance.
  • Optionally, edit config/notifyemails.


docker-compose.yml specifies the services comprising the ORR system. No changes are typically needed in this file unless otherwise indicated in ORR documentation, release notes, or other communications.

Launch the ORR system:

  docker-compose up -d