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BuckleScript Website

This code is used to generate It pulls in files from docs/ and website/ to generate html files served on the site.

website/ contains the JS, CSS, images and other files (and blog, which contains some markdown files too, these are separated from docs/, not too important).

cd website && npm install && npm start to start the development server & watcher.

Don't use npm build. It's mostly for debugging.

In the end, we spit out normal HTML, with all the JS dependencies (barring a few critical ones) removed, including ReactJS itself. It's a full, static website, super lightweight, portable, unfancy but good looking. Works with JS turned off too.

Two special files:

  • sidebars.json: lists the sections.
  • siteConfig.json: some header and i18n configs.

During your development, most changes will be picked up at each browser refresh. If you touch these two files or blog/, however, you'll have to restart the server to see the changes.


The entire site can be translated via the Crowdin project. This repo only has the canonical english documentation. Don't manually edit things in i18n/.


console.logs appear in your terminal! Since the site itself is React-free.

Building and Deploying

Changes from source branch are automatically picked into master branch by CI, then published. Translation download/uploads are still manual right now (needs API key, which @rickyvetter and @chenglou have).

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