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Berlin Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is online at:

Add Your User Group/Conference to the List

  1. Fork repository.
  2. Open data/supporters.json and add your name, location, link and contact data.
  • Note that contact data is optional and public, but we recommend adding some.
  1. Check if site is working locally if possible (see setup).
  2. Open a pull request.

Why is my contact data public?

We encourage UG organisers to publicise contact emails and preferably phone numbers. This allows easy approaching and makes clear that contacting you should be the default, not an exception. Also, it allows contacting by direct means, instead of using a third-party-service like the meetups meetup page.

The contact details are published on the CoC page itself to make clear who is responsible for handling incidents and who can be approached using which means.

Additions or Changes to the Code of Conduct?

  1. Fork repository.
  2. Open source/localizable/_code-of-conduct.{locale}.md and edit it.
  3. Open a pull request and add some lines why you want it to be changed.


Do you want to translate to another language? Great! If you want to translate from English (en) to Latin (la):

  1. Fork repository.
  2. Copy source/localizable/ to source/localizable/ and edit it.
  3. Copy locales/ to locales/ and edit it.
  4. Open a pull request. We will try to find other native speakers and disscuss it there. The discussion may look like the one for the Spanish translation.


Ruby 2.x.y (1.9.x still OK) must be installed.

git clone
cd code-of-conduct
gem install bundler


cd code-of-conduct
bundle exec middleman

You can access the website at http://localhost:4567/.


Building the website:

cd code-of-conduct
bundle exec middleman build

Deploying to github pages (needs push access to this repository):

cd code-of-conduct
bundle exec middleman deploy
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