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gbsplay - A Gameboy sound player

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This program emulates the sound hardware of the Nintendo Gameboy. It is able to play the sounds from a Gameboy module dump (.GBS format, as well as the older .GBR format), a subset of plain Gameboy rom dumps (.GB format; button input and graphics are not supported) and Gameboy Video Game Music dumps (.VGM/.VGZ format).

Homepage/Repo: Email contact: Bug reports: please send new bugs to the mailing list or use the issue tracker at

gbsplay is compatible to GBSv1. It uses a backwards compatible extension to store additional information in the file. The gbsplay package contains the following parts:

  • gbsplay: a console player
  • gbsinfo: displays information about a gbs file

Packaging status

Packaging status


(C) 2003-2021 by Tobias Diedrich <>
                 Christian Garbs <>
                 Maximilian Rehkopf <>
                 Vegard Nossum <>

Source Code licensed under GNU GPL v1 or, at your option, any later version.

Individual copyright notices can be found in the file headers.
The copyright notice for each file should be in the following form:

"(C) 20xx-20yy by List of File Major Contributors"

Where 20xx is the first release year for the file, 20yy is the most
recent release year for the file.

For detailed author attribution, see the revision history of each file.

Additionally, the following files are included under different licenses:

File:       examples/nightmode.gbs
Copyright:  Laxity of Dual Crew Shining (Nightmode Demo)
License:    Public Domain

File:       crc32.c
Copyright:  Provided to GNUnet by
License:    Public Domain
Homepage:   n/a