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.\" This manpage 2004-2008 (C) by Christian Garbs <>
.\" Licensed under GNU GPL.
.TH "expirebackups" "1" "%%%VERSION%%%" "Christian Garbs" "simple backup suite"
\fBexpirebackups\fR \- list old backups
\fBexpirebackups\fR [\fIkeep_this_many\fR] \fIpath\fR
Checks the given \fIpath\fR for backups generated by \fIsimplebackup\fR(1). If more than \fIkeep_this_many\fR generations of a backup are found, the oldest files are printed to stdout. These files can then be deleted, leaving \fIkeep_this_many\fR generations of every backup unharmed.
The number of files to keep of every backup. Default value is 4.
The path to check for backups. Only files matching a pattern like \fIhostname-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz\fR are considered backup files.
expirebackups was written by Christian Garbs <\\fR>.
expirebackups is licensed under GNU GPL.