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This is a Trinitycore Website CMS under development
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This is a Trinitycore Website CMS under development
Author: Darksoke
Contributors: Demonreborn,ProjectcoreDevs, lashia, SkyLiner
Description: This website started as a PHP learning atempt but it received a really nice feedback about it's look so I decided to release it for public use and work along with other developers to make a brand new professional FREE TRINITYCORE CMS

#Rewrite code

  • -Fixed Login module and functions
  • -Fixed Registration module and functions
  • -Fixed news module and functions
#To Do
  • Cms is missing the most important part , it's hearth by that I mean we are going to create soon an administration panel
  • Recode Rules / Guides and Registration page
  • Update built in forum module
  • Add extended Armory

#Core modules

  • *-Working News Feed with user comment options * added the posibility to delete comment directly from comment list (GM only) *Old Pending for deletion
  • *-Working Changelog module *Old Pending for deletion
  • -Working improoved register module
  • -Working Login/Logout module
  • -Working user panel with different tools
  • *-Working advanced vote panel (Advance?What's that? well you'll be able to see how much time until you can vote again and it will automatically increase the points on weekends) *Merged with user panel
  • -Working Items,Characters,Guilds armory and a W.I.P Quests armory
  • -Realm statistics total account/characters/quests/items & Characters online module
  • -Rules and Regulations page
  • -Guides Page
  • -Builtin forum module (alpha)

#Note To Developers As I said this website started as a PHP learning atempt so you might expect the following

  • First of all the code is very very bad when I started this project I only knew what echo does in PHP but this was 1 year ago so there are some repetitive functions or bad formated ones
  • The CMS is not complete it only have the coded website and is missing the administration panel
  • I kind of stoped the project in a style transition so the following pages were not updated yet
    • Rules Page
    • Registration Page
    • Guides Page
  • Forum module is in very very early stages and is not working

#Installation instructions Move everything to to your HTDOCS now open up "For Install" folder
Run those 2 SQL files one is to update your account database and 1 is the base of the WEB DATABASE *Note the website is adapted for 12 Game Master ranks
Now move to core folder open "Config.php" and put there your database informations

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