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GitPad ( LaunchHub?, HubPad? )

This is a bridge to dual-host and mirror projects from launchpad to github.

Just a set of scripts that use git-bzr-ng to mirror projects

Currently just mirrors from lp to github.


  • ruby w/ gems:
    • json
    • restclient
    • rspec
  • git w/ plugins:
    • git-create
    • git-list-charms
    • git-bzr-ng
  • bzr w/ plugins:
    • bzr-fastexport
  • charm-tools


sample cronjob

# m h  dom mon dow   command

@daily $HOME/projects/canonical/gitpad/bin/mirror >> $HOME/projects/canonical/gitpad/mirror.log 2>&1

one-way mirror

see bin/mirror... it essentially:

every so often:

  • pull from lp
  • merge these two (just use bzr/master)
    • what to do in conflicts?
      • nothing?
      • just report status?
      • send notification?
  • create github repo unless it exists
  • push up to github


  • rake for status?
  • rake for control


  • capture external deps.... bzr config, git config, github api tokens, etc
  • integrate oauth2 into the actual scripts... i.e., add get_app_token scripts
  • move all scripts over to oauth
  • separate branch for two-way mirroring development
  • need to get series branches in...
    • perhaps look at all lp:~charmers branches instead of just lp:charms
    • do something with hadoop-xxx oneiric charms?
    • do something special with the lp:charms branches... i.e., "master"
    • can this be done automatically? perhaps we need to maintain a manual mapping of bzr branchs? are there bzr tools to help with this... i.e., lp:~charmers/charms/ as the main repo with several branches?
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