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Lightbeam for Firefox Database

Querying aggregated data

sending a GET request to

hostname: "",
path: "getData",
The currently accepted params are:


Timestamp related params, optional:

  • date: Return connection data initiated on the date specified (YYYY-MM-DD eg. 2013-03-26)
  • dateSince: Return connection data initiated since the date specified (YYYY-MM-DD eg. 2013-03-26); Pair with timeSpan or a default time span 7 days will be used.
  • timeSpan: Has to be paired with dateSince. In units of days. It has to be a number within 1 to 7(inclusive). A non-integer value will be rounded down to the nearest integer.

Note that

  • if date and dateSince params are omitted, data returned is based on connections made in the last 24 hours

Last updated: January 6, 2014

For more information: visit

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