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Main plugins used:
The Events Calendar
Wp Facebook Share Like Button

Theme inherits from rebalance theme. All changes in anywhere are commented by "mmmnmnm" and "mmn".

1. Changes that should not be affected by updates
 - Can be found under /wp-content/themes/rebalance-child-mmn

2. Changes that need to be re-added after theme (rebalance) update
- /wp-content/themes/rebalance/js/navigation.js (line 14): column number changed from 3 to 4 -> effect: "English content" menu shows under main manu

3. Changes that need to be re-added after Wordpress update:
-	/wp-includes/functions.php (line 106) and corresponding definition of myucfirst() function -> effect: first letter of months uppercased

4. Changes that need to re-added after Wp Facebook Share Like Button plugin change:
- wp-content/plugins/wp-fb-share-like-button/wp-fb-share-like-button.php (line 185): delete writing og:url tag:
//echo '<meta property="og:url" content="' . get_permalink() . '" />' . "\n";

This is how to contribute via GitHub: 
1. Log into GitHub using your GitHub account
2. Fork this project:
3. Push code change into your forked project
4. Create pull request on the master branch of 

Other notes:
- (Sept 1st, 2018) Changes done to restore Facebook like after HTTP -> HTTPS change (
  1. (Child theme's functions.php) Change canonical for old posts (custom header action)
  2. (Child theme's functions.php) Change og:url for old posts (custom jetpack action)
  3. (See above item nr. 5) Comment out like button code for canonical (add to README) -> sajn nem konfiguralhato
  4. (See file) Add crawler exclusion to .htaccess
- Site description is currently disabled and is replaced by constant donate info (site descr. is still visible on the browser tab)
- Font does not render on some machines: SOLVED
- Default event times are altered to start11pm and to end 5am: custom tribe_events_meta_box_timepicker_default filter

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