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+# Gvim Session
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-Yet another Fraps for Linux
+Yet another Fraps for Linux
+- launches a special process to listen raw key events on /dev/input/eventX
+- works with full screen SDL games which are known to grab the entire keyboard and make XGrabKey useless
+- during install key daemon is given capabilities (setcap "CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH+pe") and does not require root access during operation
+- key deamon measures APM (actions per minute)
+- daemon communicates with main program through a fifo
+- daemon kills himself if client disconnects from fifo, no way to hang in the background
+- for FPS measuring library uses LD_PRELOAD to hook glXSwapBuffers (does not work with SDL, need better method)
+- FPS and APM displayed in overlay
+- screen & video capture not implemented yet
+On 64 bit systems use "make all" to compile both the 64 and a 32 bit version (requires the "multilib" version of your dev tools to be installed; see Arch Wiki for details). The 32 bit version is required for Steam. Run Steam with "faps -p 32 steam".
+make all
+sudo make install
+On 32 bit systems and vanilla 64 just do the usual:
+sudo make install
+I will make an Arch AUR package when it's complete.
+Ctrl + F9 toggle FPS (frames per second) overlay
+Ctrl + F10 toggle APM (actions per minute) overlay
+Ctrl + F11 start/stop video capture
+Ctrl + F12 take screenshot
+faps [faps arguments] program [program arguments]
+-u N FPS update interval in msec (default: 1000)\n
+-v N APM update interval in seconds (default: 1)\n
+-f N framerate limit in frames per second\n
+-p 32 loads the 32 bit version of the library on a x86_64 system (eg: for Steam beta)\n
+-i N interval in seconds to be used when computing APM (default: 10)
+faps is free and unencumbered public domain software. For more information, see <>.

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