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Computer Science Notes

In this repository, I am sharing my notes on the various subjects I studied for my Google interview with you.

For more on this, see my blog entry on the topic.

A Few Notes

  • I have annotated all my notes with dates, the breadth of their coverage, and their length. There are discrepancies between the dates in my notes and those found in my earlier post about my plan. The plan is the point of reference. The dates are indicative of the first moment I touched a pen to the paper for a particular topic, to the moment I turned the page to start on the next. This is particularly evident on my CLRS notes, which I started taking a year before I went in for the interview. I used the date as a motivator for myself to avoid taking too long.
  • I have reviewed my notes many times. That doesn't mean that they are error-free. If you see any errors, please point them out to me. Commenting on this post works, opening a GitHub issue works, emailing me, and other venues of contact also work.
  • My notes on CLRS number the cover page as page 1. For the other textbooks, page 1 is the actual first page containing any content.
  • I have taken notes on a 3.5" (very pocket friendly) Moleskine notebook, soft cover (I like their quality) , plain paper (I like to set the rules myself, rather than follow the lines in the notebook).
  • I have used a Lamy fountain pen with an extra-fine tip with black ink throughout, occasionally using another with a blue ink to annotate my notes.
  • The yellowish rectangles you might see before the very first page of each note is for a divider I have glued on to help me navigate to the subjects quickly.
  • I was somewhat careless with my notes and stained a part of it with tea. That's where the smudges come from.
  • I have inter-book references in my notes, which I have usually stylized as "see CLRS(20)", which means go and check the notes for CLRS, page 20.


So, with all those notes out of the way, let's talk about the actual note. This repository contains several folders, each of which contain the files for a particular book.

Each folder is organized as such:

  • paginated: a folder containing the paginated JPEG files of the scanned documents
  • scanned: a folder that contains the raw form of the notes I have taken.
    • jpeg: a folder containing the JPEG documents of the notes in their scanned form
    • pdf: a folder which contains a single file (session.pdf) that is the result of concatenating all the original JPEG files.
  • bound.pdf: a single PDF document which contains the enhanced, cropped, paginated, and anti-aliased version of the notes I have scanned. This is most likely what you want to download.

Feedback and Comments

Feedback and comments are more than welcome. Feel free to drop a comment on my blog, email me, or open an issue here.


If you want to contribute, download the files, make modifications (or add your own files), open a pull request, and I will approve. Just remember that what you send upstream must be legible and useful for others.


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