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@GoogleChrome @MobileChromeApps
Paul Lewis paullewis

London, United Kingdom

Mohit Cheppudira 0xfe
i am jack's wasted life

principal engineer @google Waterloo, Canada


New York City, New York

Rian Quinn rianquinn

Assured Information Security, Inc. Denver Colorado

Ivan Čukić ivan-cukic
dr Ivan Čukić, author of "Functional Programming in C++" (, KDAB and KDE developer and Free/Libre Software enthusiast


Boris Smus borismus
Interaction engineer. Input & sensors, music & audio, and the web platform.

@google Seattle

Marcos Cáceres marcoscaceres
Standards Engineer at @mozilla working on @w3c specs and future web stuff.

Mozilla Around the world, around the world...

Graham Kennery grahamkennery

Videostream Kitchener, ON, Canada

Kevin Boyle kevfromireland

Gearset Cambridge, UK

Reg Braithwaite raganwald
@PagerDuty, formerly @github, @unspace, devtopia, kl group/sitraka, codestorm, publishing revenue partners. javascript allongé, what i learned from failure, &c.

@PagerDuty Toronto, Canada

Nathan Rajlich TooTallNate
Programmer / Nerd. Former @nodejs core committer. Revolutionizing deployments @vercel. Before you ask, I'm 6’6”

@vercel San Francisco, CA

Chandler Carruth chandlerc

Google, Inc Mountain View, CA

Jeffrey Yasskin jyasskin

@google Portland, OR

isaacs isaacs
Principal Engineer at GitHub npm inventor, founder npm, Inc. Former Node BDFL. All opinions are my own. Literally all of them. I own them all. He/him

GitHub Oakland CA

Mikeal Rogers mikeal
Creator of NodeConf and request.

Protocol Labs San Francisco

Michael Ball ballmw

Source Main Maineville, OH

Ilya Grigorik igrigorik
Building faster, more secure, and engaging open web. Director of Developer Relations at @google.

Google San Francisco, CA

dan sinclair dj2
Software Writer.

@google @chromium Waterloo

Mike Tsao sowbug

Silicon Valley, California

Douglas Crockford douglascrockford
I was born in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. I left when I was 6 months old because it was too damn cold. My latest book is _How JavaScript Works_.

Virgule-Solidus San Jose

Walter Bright WalterBright

Digital Mars Pacific Northwest

Andrei Alexandrescu andralex
Researcher, software engineer, and author.

D Language Foundation Boston Greater Area

Nat Duca natduca

Google Menlo Park, CA

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