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LibKet - The Quantum Expression Template Library

LibKet (pronounced lib-ket) is a lightweight expression template library written in modern C++14 that provides building blocks for the rapid prototyping of quantum algorithms and their efficient testing on different quantum computer simulators and hardware platforms. These building blocks are quantum bits, so-called qubits, quantum registers, quantum logic gates, and some basic quantum algorithms like the Quantum Fourier Transform (QFT) and its inverse operation, which are both widely used in advanced quantum algorithms.

LibKet makes it possible to formulate quantum algorithms in a more abstract way than this is typically possible in other quantum computing SDKs, which require you to express quantum algorithms using low-level quantum gates and are often restricted to a particular quantum assembly or instruction language. In contrast, LibKet allows you to implement quantum algorithms as generic quantum expressions that can be executed on different quantum computer simulators and hardware plaforms.