Step-by-step Lab built for Episerver Ascend 2018 which demonstrates using the Episerver Content Delivery API
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Episerver Content Delivery API Lab

This lab was built for Episerver Ascend 2018, and walks users through using the Episerver Content Delivery API to build a small user interface for displaying content about a fictional music festival. Users write Javascript to make API calls and learn the fundamentals of accessing data via the Episerver Content Delivery API.


This project requires an Episerver site with the Content Delivery API installed and configured, and the required Music Festival content imported into the site. As of now, this content and package is not yet publicly available, but the Lab has been pre-loaded with an API URL to an Episerver site hosted in the cloud with everything installed/configured. This lab will be updated at a later date with more instructions on how to run the Episerver solution independently.

Getting Started

All instructions for the Lab can be found in, or alternatively a PDF version (generated via vscode-markdown-pdf) is available here: Lab.pdf

Built With


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details