A JavaScript implementation of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer
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DX7 Synth

DX7 FM synthesis using the Web Audio and Web MIDI API. Works in Chrome and Firefox. Use a MIDI or QWERTY keyboard to play the synth.

Live demo

Many thanks to:

  • John Chowning and Yamaha
  • Sean Bolton, author of Hexter, a DSSI DX7 modeler
  • Phil Cowans, author of Javascript-DX7 music hackday prototype https://github.com/philcowans/Javascript-DX7
  • Jamie Bullock, Ewan Macpherson, and other independent engineers who provided specs about the DX7/TX7 implementation
  • Propellerhead Software, for the PX7 Reason Rack Extension
  • Native Instruments, for the FM7 and FM8 VSTi software instruments