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Example of Microservices in Go with Docker and MongoDB
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Cinema - Example of Microservices in Go with Docker and MongoDB


Cinema is an example project which demonstrates the use of microservices for a fictional movie theater. The Cinema backend is powered by 4 microservices, all of witch happen to be written in Go, using MongoDB for manage the database and Docker to isolate and deploy the ecosystem.

  • Movie Service: Provides information like movie ratings, title, etc.
  • Show Times Service: Provides show times information.
  • Booking Service: Provides booking information.
  • Users Service: Provides movie suggestions for users by communicating with other services.

The Cinema use case is based on the project written in Python by Umer Mansoor.

The proyect structure is based in the knowledge learned in the book: Web Development with Go by Shiju Varghese, ISBN 978-1-4842-1053-6


The application can be deployed in both environments: local machine or in a kubernetes cluster. You can find the appropriate documentation for each case in the following links:

How To Use Cinema Services

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