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GearmanBundle for Symfony2, 3 and 4

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GearmanBundle is a bundle for Symfony4/5/6 intended to provide an easy way to support developers who need to use job queues. For example: mail queues, Solr generation queues or Database upload queues. For Symfony Flex you can use the recipe in the contributed repository to get started quickly.


Check the documentation in ReadTheDocs.
Some recipes will be written soon. If you have some ideas and you want to share them with us, don't hesitate to open a RFC issue or a Pull Request.

Migration from 4 to 5:

                type: file_system
                namespace: doctrine_cache.ns.gearman

needs to be replaced with

                    adapter: cache.adapter.filesystem


  • Symfony 5/6 is supported by tags 5
  • Symfony 4.0 is supported by tags 4.1+ (they still work with Symfony 3.X)
  • All 4.X tags support Symfony 3.X
  • Use tags lower than 4.X for Symfony 2.X versions
  • Use last unstable version ( alias of dev-master ) to stay always in last commit
  • Use last stable version tag to stay in a stable release.
  • Latest Unstable Version Latest Stable Version


All code is Symfony2 Code formatted, so every pull request must validate phpcs standards. You should read Symfony2 coding standards and install this CodeSniffer to check all code is validated.

There is also a policy for contributing to this project. All pull request must be all explained step by step, to make us more understandable and easier to merge pull request. All new features must be tested with PHPUnit.

If you'd like to contribute, please read the Contributing Code part of the documentation. If you're submitting a pull request, please follow the guidelines in the Submitting a Patch section and use the Pull Request Template.