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A Fast Version of 118h

So I implemented /r/DailyProgrammer in Ruby. Big mistake, way too slow. So I ported to C. Threaded C. It's fast. It took Ruby an hour or two to simulate enough to fill 100megs of CSV. This did it in about 30 seconds. That's mostly owing to my "insane data juggling" way of writing Ruby, I usually don't care about performance. But for this, best get onto the metal.

I haven't run it for long yet, it absolutely tears through and finds big numbers really fast. I think it'll find the mid to high 400's others were finding, especially if I can tweak the settings.

I still have to consider the genetic algorithm itself though. I'm thinking of two competing populations. The losing population is under stress, triggering more mutations, looking for an advantage. The winning population is content in where it is, and the mutation rate will go down. I want to see how they fight back and forth.

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