A simple Windows utility to explode folders.
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Folder Explode

A simple Windows utility that adds a context menu option to explode folders. (that is copy folder's contents into parent and delete folder itself)

Works on Windows XP, 7, 8+. Tested on Windows 8.1 only.

How to install

Run install.bat

How it works

When you run the install.bat file, a registry key is created under


with a default value of the command

cmd.exe /s /k xcopy /w /e /h /-y "%V" "%W" & rmdir /s /q "%V" & exit

which is invoked when the context menu option is clicked.

  • cmd.exe Opens the command shell
    • /s /k Carries on the commands following
  • xcopy Copies files and directories, including subdirectories
    • /w Pauses for confirmation
    • /e Copies empty subdirectories
    • /h Copies files with hidden and system file attributes
    • /-y Asks before overwriting files in destination
    • "%V" Source directory, %V is the variable for the directory passed to the command shell
    • "%W" Destination directory, %W is the variable for the current working directory in the command shell
  • rmdir Removes/deletes a directory
    • /s Removes the specified directory and all subdirectories including any files
    • /q Runs rmdir in quiet mode
    • "%V" Location of directory to be deleted


Because no one else did.