Comment commits on GitHub using Vim
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Want to comment commits on GitHub straight from Vim? You can now. After installation, from inside vim, just run :GHComment <your-comment-here>. This will create a comment on the commit that changed that line last.

vim-github-comment demo


I use pathogen, but you can install vim-github-comment using your favorite way too. Short instructions to use with pathogen follow.

Inside your .vim directory, run:

git clone git:// bundle/vim-github-comment

vim-github-comment requires webapi, so if you don't have it in your bundle yet:

git clone git:// bundle/webapi


If you don't have github.user set in your .gitconfig, add the following into your ~/.vimrc

let g:github_user = '<your-github-username-here>'

Optionally, browser can be opened with your comment after you post it:

let g:github_comment_open_browser = 1

You can always run help to get more information about vim-github-comment:

:help github-comment