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It is recommended that you use gVim in either Windows or Linux and MacVim for Mac.


Clone this repo into your home directory either as .vim (linux/mac) or vimfiles (Windows). Such as:

git clone --recursive git:// ~/.vim

Now you should create a new .vimrc file in your home directory that loads the pre-configured one that comes bundled in this package. You can do it on Linux/Mac like this:

echo "source ~/.vim/vimrc" > ~/.vimrc

On Windows you should create a vimrc ( instead of dot) and add the following line inside:

source ~/vimfiles/vimrc

This way you can override the default configuration by adding your own inside this file.

Learn Vim

Visit the following sites to learn more about Vim:


Some of the people that inspired my .vim:

Also check out Vimbits for a ton of great vimrc snippets.

Plugin List

  • clam - easily run shell commands from Vim
  • ctrlp - the fastest and most intuitive way for opening files in your project
  • endwise - support to close Ruby blocks such as 'if', 'do' with 'end'
  • fugitive - support for Git, adding convenient commands such as :Gstatus, :Gread, :Gmove
  • gundo - visualizes undo tree
  • lusty-juggler - manage your file buffers
  • neocomplcache - ultimate auto-completion system
  • pathogen - the magic souce that makes it super easy to install plugins
  • powerline - fills statusline with useful information
  • smartinput - automatically closes brackets and quotes.
  • snipmate - support for textmate-like snippets. Snipmate and snippets for it is in snipmate/ folder
  • surround - add, change, remove surrounding parentheses, brackets, quotes, etc
  • syntastic - checks for syntax errors in many languages
  • tcomment - support to comment lines of code
  • unimpaired - pairs of handy bracket mappings
  • yankring - maintains a history of yanks and deletes. History can be shared between multiple instances of vim

Syntax highlight

  • coffee-script - syntax highlight for Coffee Script
  • golang - syntax highlight for Go
  • erlang - syntax highlight for Erlang
  • html5 - omnicomplete function and syntax for HTML5
  • jade - syntax highlight for Jade
  • markdown - syntax highlight for Markdown
  • ruby - syntax highlight, smart identation, auto-complete for Ruby
  • scss - syntax highlight for scss
  • slim - syntax highlight for Slim
  • stylus - syntax highlight for Stylus
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