CMake: include header files in install directive #25

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Installing pbrt currently includes build binaries and the static library only. For compiling against pbrt library from other programs, we need the header files of pbrt.

Possible solution: change CMakeLists.txt s.t. all source header files located in ./src/ are copied to include/pbrt/ which preserves directory structure. This is done by appending

  DESTINATION include/pbrt

to CMakeLists.txt. All relevant header files should be included. I locally extended it this way and it works. Further usage details:


Maybe I should add the following: unless I am mistaken, I think that establishing pbrt as a library to link to (from programs other than pbrt) first requires solving

  1. name conflicts when including pbrt headers. solution: encapsulate pbrt in a namespace.
  2. some include files can not be found. I actually encountered this problem. solution: make include paths relative to the current file to a) help the compiler and b) make a unique solution in case of multiple files with identical file name but in different directories.
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