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My Dotfiles

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Your dotfiles are how you personalize your system. These are mine. I was a little tired of having long alias files and everything strewn about(which is extremely common on other dotfiles projects, too). That led to this project being much more topic-centric. I realized I could split a lot of things up into the main areas I used, so I structured the project accordingly.


Warning: If you want to give these dotfiles a try, you should first fork this repository, review the code, and remove things you don’t want or need. Don’t blindly use my settings unless you know what that entails.

Use at your own risk!

There are various ways you can install the dotfiles either fork or clone or download repo.

  • Option #1
cd $HOME
git init
git remote add -f[USERNAME/REPO_NAME].git
git pull -f
git checkout -f master
bash .dotfiles/ install
  • Option #2
rsync -uar --delete-after dot-files-master/{.,}* $HOME
cd $HOME
bash .dotfiles/ install
  • Option #3
cd $HOME
git clone --depth 1
rsync -uar --delete-after dot-files/{.,}* $HOME
bash .dotfiles/ install

The command (bash .dotfiles/ install) will create symlinks for config files in your home directory.

After installation is complete, test if everything was installed successfully.

bash .dotfiles/ test

To uninstall run;

bash .dotfiles/ uninstall

What's in the dotfiles


IPython configuration:

git configuration:

  • Adds git typos
  • Adds a ci alias that checks the continuous integration status.
  • Adds a pushd alias to push upstream and an option of creating a pull-request.
  • Adds a create-pr alias to push to remote and create a pull request.
  • Adds a commit-amend alias amend to previous commit with HEAD commit message.
  • Adds a commit-amend-push alias amend to previous commit with HEAD commit message and push to remote.

VSCode configuration:

Sublime Text configuration:

  • Added IPython.embed() snippet
  • Added few plugins
  • Few settings

XFCE4 Desktop Environment

  • Added static wallpaper
  • Moved the panel to the bottom of the screen, increased pixels to 48
  • Few extras

Shell aliases and scripts

  • .bash_aliases which contains most of my aliases.

  • .bash_functions which contains function, examples:

    • sciget: Download research papers easily with
    • getbibtex: Easily download BibTex from IEEEExplore.
    • cd: Redefined a cd builtin command and added ls -thor
    • etc
  • .bashrc which contains ShellOptions, source's, and some configurations.

  • .docker_aliases which contains my runnable Docker containers such as:

    • bat: supports syntax highlighting for a large number of programming and markup languages
    • tldr: A collection of simplified and community-driven man pages.
    • mardownlinter: docker based markdown linter
  • And few extras


Feel free to fork it or send me PR to improve it.

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