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Medium posts to Speech.

A Python library for lazy people (like myself), who never finds time to read daily Medium posts and prefer to listen to them instead. It convert medium post to markdown using a Docker container/image then uses gTTs to interface with Google Translate's text-to-speech API which converts text to spoken MP3 files, thereafter plays the generated mp3 files with cvlc assuming it is installed.

Apt Requirements

You will need to install a few dependencies before you continue:

sudo apt install -y docker-ce mpg123 python3.6 python3.6-dev vlc


To install run:

python3 -m pip install -U medium-speech


Available arguments: -h

usage: [-h] [--play] [--cleanup] [--speed N_SPEED]
                           [--loglevel LOG_LEVEL] [--url-post MEDIUM_URL]
                           [--file MARKDOWN_FILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --play, -p            Play generated MP3 files.
  --cleanup, -c         Cleanup generated MP3 files.
  --speed N_SPEED, -s N_SPEED
                        Play every n'th frame only ie Play speed.
  --loglevel LOG_LEVEL  log level to use, default [INFO], options [INFO,
                        DEBUG, ERROR]
  --url-post MEDIUM_URL, -u MEDIUM_URL
                        Medium post URL.
  --file MARKDOWN_FILE  Specify a Markdown file.

Listen to a Medium post: -ps 1 -u

Listen to Markdown file: -ps 1 --file

Oh, Thanks!

By the way... Click if you'd like to say thanks... :) else Star it.



Feel free to fork it or send me PR to improve it.

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