Configurable email notifications for pull request events.
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Ruby GitHub Pull Request Email Bot

What is it?

Just like the original inspiration for this (samwho/GitHub-Pull-Request-Email-Bot), this is a script to send email to a specified address every time a repository recieves a pull request.

Unlike the original, however, this can be configured to work with multiple repositories.

How do I get it up and running?

Make sure you have the following gems installed:

  • HTTParty
  • Mustache
  • Pony

Should be as simple as running gem install httparty mustache pony.

Copy config.sample.yaml to config.yaml, and edit to taste.

Take a look at the templates in templates, and modify to suit your needs. Possibly copying to new directories, moddifying on a per-repository basis, depending on how you setup your config.yaml.

Change directories into where you have the pull-request-bot script, along with config.yaml, and run it with ./pull-request-bot. You can also specify the path to the config.yaml by invoking pull-request-bot with the -c or --config flag (./pull-request-bot -c /path/to/config.yaml).

The script will keep track of which pull requests it's seen in the state directory that was configured in config.yaml (this defaults to ./state).

Is there anything I can do to help?

Absolutely! Let me know about any bugs you find or feature requests you have in the issue tracker. Send any changes you have code for in a pull request, using git format-patch and git send-email, via a URL to a git repository and a branch name, or any of the many ways to get someone your commits in git.

I'm usually on the Freenode IRC network as jhelwig. Feel free to swing by #pdxhackathon to say "Hi", get some help, or whatever. If I don't respond right away, don't worry. If you stick around, I'll eventually notice the IRC activity, and get back to you.