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Add git-rmstale

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Matt Robinson authored
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.completion overdue update
.irssi get irssi config checked in
.vim various
.vimrc_files A lot of changes since moving to puppet from Rentrak
bin Add git-rmstale
web_servers/nginx some more puppet and web server conf work.
.ackrc Update stuff
.bash_profile Lots of little tweaks
.bashrc various
.dir_colors diff painter file added, but need a bin alias. more aliases, increase…
.gemrc haml sass vim, new .gemrc and more updated git completion and more
.gitconfig Add git-rmstale
.gitignore Fix rake argument in zsh
.gitmodules Move syntastic
.inputrc Fix rake argument in zsh
.irbrc Various updates
.irbrc.swp rsync alias, comment to remind why irb not working
.rdebugrc rdebugrc and change rename to be executable
.rvmrc Add .rvmrc
.sh_aliases Add git-rmstale
.shrc Add git-rmstale
.tmux.conf Lots of little tweaks
.vimrc Update stuff
.zprofile various
.zshenv various
.zshrc Add boot2docker and remove ttyrec
Cheffile Use Chef soloist for machine admin
Cheffile.lock Use Chef soloist for machine admin
TODO A few more changes... Too tired to write good message
bash_completion A lot of changes since moving to puppet from Rentrak
create_symlinks Add git-rmstale closer, but still problem that mysql package needs to be installed be…
soloistrc Add Google Drive


This is a collection of all my "dotfiles" for programs like vim, bash, irb and many more.

There is a perl script `create_symlinks` that when run will backup all the dotfiles on your system and replace them with symlinks to the dotfiles in this repo.
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