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0.7.4 (unreleased)

0.7.3 (April 19, 2011)

  • Retry all SSH on Net::SSH::Disconnect in case SSH is just restarting. [GH-313]
  • Add NFS shared folder support for Arch linux. [GH-346]
  • Fix issue with unknown terminal type output for sudo commands.
  • Forwarded port protocol can now be set as UDP. [GH-311]
  • Chef server file cache path and file backup path can be configured. [GH-310]
  • Setting hostname should work on Debian now. [GH-307]

0.7.2 (February 8, 2011)

  • Update JSON dependency to 1.5.1, which works with Ruby 1.9 on Windows.
  • Fix sudo issues on sudo < 1.7.0 (again).
  • Fix race condition in SSH, which specifically manifested itself in the chef server provisioner. [GH-295]
  • Change sudo shell to use bash (configurable). [GH-301]
  • Can now set mac address of host only network. [GH-294]
  • NFS shared folders with spaces now work properly. [GH-293]
  • Failed SSH commands now show output in error message. [GH-285]

0.7.1 (January 28, 2011)

  • Change error output with references to VirtualBox 3.2 to 4.0.
  • Internal SSH through net-ssh now uses IdentitiesOnly thanks to upstream net-ssh fix.
  • Fix issue causing warnings to show with forwardx11 enabled for SSH. [GH-279]
  • FreeBSD support for host only networks, NFS, halting, etc. [GH-275]
  • Make SSH commands which use sudo compatible with sudo < 1.7.0. [GH-278]
  • Fix broken puppet server provisioner which called a nonexistent method.
  • Default SSH host changed from localhost to since localhost is not always loopback.
  • New shell provisioner which simply uploads and executes a script as root on the VM.
  • Gentoo host only networking no longer fails if alrady setup. [GH-286]
  • Set the host name of your guest OS with config.vm.host_name [GH-273]
  • vagrant ssh-config now outputs the configured

0.7.0 (January 19, 2011)

  • VirtualBox 4.0 support. Support for VirtualBox 3.2 is dropped, since the API is so different. Stay with the 0.6.x series if you have VirtualBox 3.2.x.
  • Puppet server provisioner. [GH-262]
  • Use numeric uid/gid in mounting shared folders to increase portability. [GH-252]
  • HTTP downloading follows redirects. [GH-163]
  • Downloaders have clearer output to note what they're doing.
  • Shared folders with no guest path are not automounted. [GH-184]
  • Boxes downloaded during vagrant up reload the Vagrantfile config, which fixes a problem with box settings not being properly loaded. [GH-231]
  • config.ssh.forward_x11 to enable the ForwardX11 SSH option. [GH-255]
  • Vagrant source now has a contrib directory where contributions of miscellaneous addons for Vagrant will be added.
  • Vagrantfiles are now loaded only once (instead of 4+ times) [GH-238]
  • Ability to move home vagrant dir (~/.vagrant) by setting VAGRANT_HOME environmental variable.
  • Removed check and error for the "OSE" version of VirtualBox, since with VirtualBox 4 this distinction no longer exists.
  • Ability to specify proxy settings for chef. [GH-169]
  • Helpful error message shown if NFS mounting fails. [GH-135]
  • Gentoo guests now support host only networks. [GH-240]
  • RedHat (CentOS included) guests now support host only networks. [GH-260]
  • New Vagrantfile syntax for enabling and configuring provisioners. This change is not backwards compatible. [GH-265]
  • Provisioners are now RVM-friendly, meaning if you installed chef or puppet with an RVM managed Ruby, Vagrant now finds then. [GH-254]
  • Changed the unused host only network destroy mechanism to check for uselessness after the VM is destroyed. This should result in more accurate checks.
  • Networks are no longer disabled upon halt/destroy. With the above change, its unnecessary.
  • Puppet supports module_path configuration to mount local modules directory as a shared folder and configure puppet with it. [GH-270]
  • ssh-config now outputs as the host instead of localhost.

0.6.9 (December 21, 2010)

  • Puppet provisioner. [GH-223]
  • Solaris system configurable to use sudo.
  • Solaris system registered, so it can be set with :solaris.
  • vagrant package include can be a directory name, which will cause the contents to be recursively copied into the package. [GH-241]
  • Arbitrary options to puppet binary can be set with config.puppet.options. [GH-242]
  • BSD hosts use proper GNU sed syntax for clearing NFS shares. [GH-243]
  • Enumerate VMs in a multi-VM environment in order they were defined. [GH-244]
  • Check for VM boot changed to use timeout library, which works better with Windows.
  • Show special error if VirtualBox not detected on 64-bit Windows.
  • Show error to Windows users attempting to use host only networking since it doesn't work yet.

0.6.8 (November 30, 2010)

  • Network interfaces are now up/down in distinct commands instead of just restarting "networking." [GH-192]
  • Add missing translation for chef binary missing. [GH-203]
  • Fix default settings for Opscode platform and comments. [GH-213]
  • Blank client name for chef server now uses FQDN by default, instead of "client" [GH-214]
  • Run list can now be nil, which will cause it to sync with chef server (when chef server is enabled). [GH-214]
  • Multiple NFS folders now work on linux. [GH-215]
  • Add translation for state "stuck" which is very rare. [GH-218]
  • virtualbox gem dependency minimum raised to 0.7.6 to verify FFI < 1.0.0 is used.
  • Fix issue where box downloading from vagrant up didn't reload the box collection. [GH-229]

0.6.7 (November 3, 2010)

  • Added validation to verify that a box is specified.
  • Proper error message when box is not found for [GH-195]
  • Fix output of vagrant status with multi-vm to be correct. [GH-196]

0.6.6 (October 14, 2010)

  • vagrant status NAME works once again. [GH-191]
  • Conditional validation of Vagrantfile so that some commands don't validate. [GH-188]
  • Fix "junk" output for ssh-config. [GH-189]
  • Fix port collision handling with greater than two VMs. [GH-185]
  • Fix potential infinite loop with root path if bad CWD is given to environment.

0.6.5 (October 8, 2010)

  • Validations on base MAC address to avoid situation described in GH-166, GH-181 from ever happening again.
  • Properly load sub-VM configuration on first-pass of config loading. Solves a LOT of problems with multi-VM. [GH-166] [GH-181]
  • Configuration now only validates on final Vagrantfile proc, so multi-VM validates correctly.
  • A nice error message is given if ".vagrant" is a directory and therefore can't be accessed. [GH-172]
  • Fix plugin loading in a Rails 2.3.x project. [GH-176]

0.6.4 (October 4, 2010)

  • Default VM name is now properly the parent folder of the working directory of the environment.
  • Added method to TestHelpers to assist with testing new downloaders.
  • up --no-provision works again. This disables provisioning during the boot process.
  • Action warden doesn't do recovery process on SystemExit exceptions, allowing the double ctrl-C to work properly again. [related to GH-166]
  • Initial Vagrantfile is now heavily commented with various available options. [GH-171]
  • Box add checks if a box already exists before the download. [GH-170]
  • NFS no longer attempts to clean exports file if VM is not created, which was causing a stack trace during recovery. [related to GH-166]
  • Basic validation added for Chef configuration (both solo and server).
  • Top config class is now available in all Vagrant::Config::Base subclasses, which is useful for config validation.
  • Subcommand help shows proper full command in task listing. [GH-168]
  • SSH gives error message if ssh binary is not found. [GH-161]
  • SSH gives proper error message if VM is not running. [GH-167]
  • Fix some issues with undefined constants in command errors.

0.6.1, 0.6.2, 0.6.3 (September 27, 2010)

A lot of quick releases which all were to fix issues with Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility.

0.6.0 (September 27, 2010)

  • VM name now defaults to the name of the containing folder, plus a timestamp. This should make it easier to identify VMs in the VirtualBox GUI.
  • Exposed Vagrant test helpers in Vagrant::TestHelpers for plugins to easily test themselves against Vagrant environments.
  • Plugins have landed. Plugins are simply gems which have a vagrant_init.rb file somewhere in their load path. Please read the documentation on before attempting to create a plugin (which is very easy) for more information on how it all works and also some guidelines.
  • vagrant package now takes a --vagrantfile option to specify a Vagrantfile to package. The --include approach for including a Vagrantfile no longer works (previously built boxes will continue to work).
  • vagrant package has new logic with regards to the --include option depending on if the file path is relative or absolute (they can be intermixed):
    • Relative paths are copied directly into the box, preserving their path. So --include lib/foo would be in the box as "lib/foo"
    • Absolute paths are simply copied files into the root of the box. So --include /lib/foo would be in the box as "foo"
  • "vagrant_main" is no longer the default run list. Instead, chef run list starts empty. It is up to you to specify all recipes in the Vagrantfile now.
  • Fixed various issues with certain action middleware not working if the VM was not created.
  • SSH connection is retried 5 times if there is a connection refused. Related to GH-140.
  • If http_proxy environmental variable is set, it will be used as the proxy box adding via http.
  • Remove config.ssh.password. It hasn't been used for a few versions now and was only kept around to avoid exceptions in Vagrantfiles.
  • Configuration is now validated so improper input can be found in Vagrantfiles.
  • Fixed issue with not detecting Vagrantfile at root directory ("/").
  • Vagrant now gives a nice error message if there is a syntax error in any Vagrantfile. [GH-154]
  • The format of the ".vagrant" file which stores persisted VMs has changed. This is backwards incompatible. Will provide an upgrade utility prior to 0.6 launch.
  • Every [expected] Vagrant error now exits with a clean error message and a unique exit status, and raises a unique exception (if you're scripting Vagrant).
  • Added I18n gem dependency for pulling strings into clean YML files. Vagrant is now localizable as a side effect! Translations welcome.
  • Fixed issue with "Waiting for cleanup" message appearing twice in some cases. [GH-145]
  • Converted CLI to use Thor. As a tradeoff, there are some backwards incompatibilities:
    • vagrant package - The --include flag now separates filenames by spaces, instead of by commas. e.g. vagrant package --include x y z
    • vagrant ssh - If you specify a command to execute using the --execute flag, you may now only specify one command (before you were able to specify an arbitrary amount). e.g. vagrant ssh -e "echo hello"
    • vagrant ssh-config has become vagrant ssh_config due to a limitation in Thor.

0.5.4 (September 7, 2010)

  • Fix issue with the "exec failed" by running on Tiger as well.
  • Give an error when downloading a box which already exists prior to actually downloading the box.

0.5.3 (August 23, 2010)

  • Add erubis as a dependency since its rendering of erb is sane.
  • Fixed poorly formatted Vagrantfile after vagrant init. [GH-142]
  • Fixed NFS not working properly with multiple NFS folders.
  • Fixed chef solo provision to work on Windows. It was expanding a linux path which prepended a drive letter onto it.

0.5.2 (August 3, 2010)

  • vagrant up can be used as a way to resume the VM as well (same as vagrant resume). [GH-134]
  • Sudo uses "-E" flag to preserve environment for chef provisioners. This fixes issues with CentOS. [GH-133]
  • Added "IdentitiesOnly yes" to options when vagrant ssh is run to avoid "Too Many Authentication Failures" error. [GH-131]
  • Fix regression with package not working. [GH-132]
  • Added ability to specify box url in init, which populates the Vagrantfile with the proper config.vm.box_url.

0.5.1 (July 31, 2010)

  • Allow specifying cookbook paths which exist only on the VM in config.chef.cookbooks_path. This is used for specifying cookbook paths when config.chef.recipe_url is used. [GH-130] See updated chef solo documentation for more information on this.
  • No longer show "Disabling host only networks..." if no host only networks are destroyed. Quiets destroy, halt, etc output a bit.
  • Updated getting started guide to be more up to date and generic. [GH-125]
  • Fixed error with doing a vagrant up when no Vagrantfile existed. [GH-128]
  • Fixed NFS erroring when NFS wasn't even enabled if /etc/exports doesn't exist. [GH-126]
  • Fixed vagrant resume to properly resume a suspended VM. [GH-122]
  • Fixed halt, destroy, reload to where they failed if the VM was in a saved state. [GH-123]
  • Added config.chef.recipe_url which allows you to specify a URL to a gzipped tar file for chef solo to download cookbooks. See the chef-solo docs for more information. [GH-121]
  • Added vagrant box repackage which repackages boxes which have been added. This is useful in case you want to redistribute a base box you have but may have lost the actual "box" file. [GH-120]


The changelog began with version 0.5.1 so any changes prior to that can be seen by checking the tagged releases and reading git commit messages.

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