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IEA-15-240-RWT v1.1 (Revised February 2022)

This repository contains the model data for the 15-MW offshore reference turbine developed within IEA Wind Task 37.

The documentation for the turbine is accessible here: and the semisubmersible floating support structure is documented here:

Data in this repository includes:

  • Documentation, including tabular data used in the figures from the technical report
  • OpenFAST aeroelastic model inputs
  • HAWC2 aeroelastic model inputs
  • WISDEM optimization files
  • Wind turbine ontology .yaml files
  • CAD modeling of turbine where available




  • HAWC2 can be acquired from its homepage. The DTU Basic Controller can be obtained from its repository.


Design Updates

The IEA Wind Task 37 authors endeavor to keep the model input decks current with the latest releases and API changes. Errors and other issues pointed out by the community are also addressed to the extent that available resources make that possible. See the Release Notes for a detailed description of changes.

We also encourage the broader wind community to submit design updates by forking the repository and letting us know of your design customatization. Community contributions that we are aware of include:


For a list of academic papers that use or cite this turbine, please see here (fixed-bottom) and here (floating).

If you use this model in your research or publications, please cite the appropriate report as:

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Before reaching out to NREL or DTU authors with questions on the model or reports, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) on our Github Wiki and current or prior Issues.

If neither the FAQ or Issues address your need, please create a new Issue on this repository so that the dialogue is archived for others that might have similar questions. You can also reach out to the authors directly if that is your preference. The technical report lists the contributions of individual authors if you have a specific question. Otherwise, you can contact Garrett Barter (


15MW reference wind turbine repository developed in conjunction with IEA Wind







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