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notepad-plus-plus Snap


Note: After installing this snap it is mandatory to connect plugs without connecting these snap will not work


snap install notepad-plus-plus

Optional Plugs

sudo snap connect notepad-plus-plus:removable-media


KDE Plasma has issues for wine apps pinned on taskmanager.

  1. Edit file with your fav editor with root access. /etc/xdg/taskmanagerrulesrc

  2. Change ManualOnly=Wine

  3. To #ManualOnly=Wine

  4. Save logout then login

KDE Plasma default font rendering on wine not so good.

  1. Open plasma settings

  2. Open fonts

  3. Change use anti-aliasing to enabled from default

  4. Open configure

  5. Change Sub-pixel rendering type to RGB from System default

  6. Change Hinting style to Slight from System default

  7. Apply then run the snap app


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