A small utility for storing Django FileField attachments in the database instead of on disk.
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This is a utility for Django that implements the Django Storage API (for
storing FileFields, ImageFields, etc.) and stores the contents of the files in
your Django database instead of on the filesystem.

This is mainly intended to be an easy-to-use way to store file attachments and
get rid of the pain of managing filesystem access at run time, and the
deployment issues that come with it.  If your file attachment needs are
simple, this will generally be a quick way to get your app working.


* Store any file in any database supported by Django.
* Simplify deployment and data management: No need to keep track of file
  attachments when migrating data from one server to another, since files live
  in the database.


* Django does not support binary fields (issue #2417) and as of this writing,
  expects queries to always return unicode data (issue #5135).  As a result,
  this library uses base64 encoding to make binary data safe for the database,
  which inflates data size by about 33%.
* Databases are not always built with large file storage in mind (unlike
  filesystems).  As such, this is based on the assumption that files are
  "reasonably" sized, meaning well under 1MB.  Files are entirely loaded into
  RAM during requests. Your mileage may vary.
* No performance guarantees whatsoever.  The idea is that these are small
  image attachments for a blog or similar, not that you are hosting a Youtube
  clone in your Django database.

Getting Started

1. Install (pip install django-database-storage)
2. Read the help:

    $ ./manage.py shell
    >>> from database_storage import DatabaseStorage
    >>> help(DatabaseStorage)

License and Copyright

License: BSD

Originally derived from this snippet, although almost entirely rewritten for
better robustness and clarity:


Copyright 2011 Mike Mueller, mike@subfocal.net.
Original copyright 2009 (c) GameKeeper Gambling Ltd, Ivanov E