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This is the source for the code-relay website.

What is code relay?

Code Relay is a platform for contributing to open source code. What makes code relay unique is that instead of writing a whole bug fix, you make incremental progress and then pass it along to the next contributor. Like how you only run part of a race in a relay race and then pass the baton off to the next runner. Learn more at

Looking for the repo for the back-end code?

There isn't one, yet. Right now, I (@mmulet) answer all emails personally. When code relay grows large enough that it needs an automated backend, I intend to build it using code relay, and it will be open source.

The content is all plain html, but we do have some javascript for interactive animations and other fun things. In the true spirit of web-development, we have re-invented the wheel and created a custom build system using React/React-dom server. Namely, we wrote the whole site with React components, which we generate ahead of time and serve as plain html. Read more about this in ./scripts/


Here are the folders and their meanings:

  • docs folder is where all user facing content goes. The server serves all files in the docs folder as /

  • gulp folder is where all files for the gulp build system go. These are all typescript files. These files are all compiled on the fly by ts-node

  • scripts folder is where all source files for the website reside.


Install dependencies:

npm install .

Then, generate the site.

npm run build

Use npm run dev to start the gulp file which will watch all sources and generate on the fly with live-reload

npm run dev

Set the environment variable CODE_RELAY_DEV_PORT to change the port. The default is 5000.

All the code for the site is in the ./scripts/src directory

How to read the code

  • Start at ./gulpfile.ts to see how it is built
  • This should lead you to ./scripts/src/index.ts which will generate all files.
  • From there look at each file in ./scripts/src/fileGenerators


Source for the Code Relay website. Code Relay The fastest and easiest way to contribute to open source!








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