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Coverize - Erlang Coverage Analysis Made Easy!

Perhaps not beautiful yet, but easy to use.

Created by Michael Mullis (

A sample of the usage is in test/src/eunit_helper.erl.
In a helper file, add something like the following

%% Wrapper for cover to make command line calling easy
run_cover() ->
  SourceDirs = [


Calling from Command Line

./bin/  "./src './test/src'" test_suite test ./coverage

Calling from a Makefile
Add a task to the Makefile that looks like this

coverage: compile
	mkdir -p coverage
	erl -noshell -pa ebin -pa test/ebin -s eunit_helper run_cover -s init stop

Then from the command line (or a script) just
  make coverage

The default location is ./coverage.
After it's done (and cover can take a while), take a look at index.html.
That's the starting point.

Hooray! It's easy!

Additionally, you'll probably want to add ./coverage to your .gitignore.
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