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Macaddr For Erlang
See docs/index.html for api and more detailed information.
What is this?
A cross platform MAC Address retriever for Erlang.
It is inspired by the macaddr gem for ruby (see
How do I use it?
To get a single MAC address
1> macaddr:address().
2> macaddr:address_list().
["00:32:7c:02:34:61", "00:2d:05:04:55:63"]
How do I build it?
make test # will also make clean before running tests
make docs
How do I install it?
After building it, there are some options on using it.
1. You can modify your code path by adding the following like to ~/.erlang
2. Use the macaddr directory as-is in your erlang/lib.
sudo mv macaddr /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib
3. Clone from git in your erlang/lib directory and keep macaddr up to date using git
cd /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib
sudo git clone <macaddr git url> macaddr
cd macaddr
sudo make