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This tutorial is a modified version of the original developed by Kelsey Hightower.

Kubernetes The Hard Way On VirtualBox

This tutorial walks you through setting up Kubernetes the hard way on a local machine using VirtualBox. This guide is not for people looking for a fully automated command to bring up a Kubernetes cluster. If that's you then check out Google Kubernetes Engine, or the Getting Started Guides.

Kubernetes The Hard Way is optimized for learning, which means taking the long route to ensure you understand each task required to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

This tutorial is a modified version of the original developed by Kelsey Hightower. While the original one uses GCP as the platform to deploy kubernetes, we use VirtualBox and Vagrant to deploy a cluster on a local machine. If you prefer the cloud version, refer to the original one here

Another difference is that we use Docker instead of containerd. There are a few other differences to the original and they are documented here

The results of this tutorial should not be viewed as production ready, and may receive limited support from the community, but don't let that stop you from learning!

Target Audience

The target audience for this tutorial is someone planning to support a production Kubernetes cluster and wants to understand how everything fits together.

Cluster Details

Kubernetes The Hard Way guides you through bootstrapping a highly available Kubernetes cluster with end-to-end encryption between components and RBAC authentication.



Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Vagrant on Local Machine. No scripts.







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