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ARM Machine Code Semantics:

 - arm_coretypesScript.sml : specifies underlying types and operations
 - arm_astScript.sml       : abstract syntax tree (AST) for instructions
 - arm_decoderScript.sml   : decoding machine code to the AST
 - arm_seq_monadScript.sml : state-transformer monad - specifies access to
                             registers and main memory
 - arm_opsemScript.sml     : operational semantics for instructions
 - armScript.sml           : running programs (top-level next state function)
 - arm_stepScript.sml      : definitions and lemmas for "step" theorems
 - eval/arm_emitScript.sml : use EmitML to produce SML version
 - eval/arm_evalScript.sml : version with Patricia tree memory
                             (suited to evaluation)

 - arm_parserLib           : parse ARM assembly code (output to AST)
 - arm_encoderLib          : encode AST as machine code
 - arm_disassemblerLib     : convert AST to ARM assembly code
 - arm_stepLib             : generate "step" theorems
 - armLib                  : top-level tools

Should work with Poly/ML and Moscow ML.  However, you may need to patch
Moscow ML, see <>.
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