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This is the issues repository for the website. Please use the issues tab at the top to log a problem with the website. Use the search box on the issues page to look for an existing issue describing the same problem, otherwise click on New Issue to log the problem.

When creating an issue, please try to be as specific as possible - especially useful are these details:

  • Browser name and version (e.g.: Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 18, etc.)
  • Type of device (e.g.: iPhone 4S, Macbook, HP Desktop, etc.)
  • Name and version of the device's operating system (e.g.: Windows XP, Android 3.0, etc.)
  • Sequence of actions leading to the problem (e.g.: navigate to such URL, click on such button, etc.)
  • Whether or not the problem is repeatable (doing the same sequence of actions on the same device and browser always triggers the error)

Keep in mind that a problem that is not repeatable may be due to quite a few outside factors (internet provider, host temporary issue, etc.).

Thanks! Martin

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